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Damien Duda

The Polish military instructor Damien Duda has appeared on the first and second Intermarium Support Group conference.

A summary of his speech at the 2nd Intermarium Support Group conference reads:

"Magister, teacher at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin and activist of the Movement for the Territorial Defense, Mr. Duda focused namely on the self-defense opportunities under conditions of the hybrid or irregular warfare: “The Role and Importance of the Territorial Defense Formations. A Citizen in Defense of Homeland.” Since 2013, Mr. Duda has been interacting with Ukrainian volunteer battalions, the AZOV regiment in Mariupol in particular, and serving as a paramedic in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine. As opposed to the overformalized army, including Polish, which is incapable of eliminating even the results of a natural disaster, or combat a separatist threat, which was the case in the Donbas, territorial defense units know the enemy and the potentially subversive forces by face and can command the regular structures as it happened in Syria. Besides, Polish specialist in territorial defense overviewed the countries which do justice to self-defense forces, especially Switzerland where a successful completion of a course in self-defense is a must for further social realization. Finally, Damian Duda shared the experience of Polish paramilitary formations created by young enthusiasts and described the structure of the Polish system of territorial defense, which has been finally launched since this month by the government, as a possible role model for Ukrainian units. The Polish territorial defense battalion, which has formally existed for 10 years, now grows into a long-term state program addressed to motivated patriots (instead of functionaries of the former Soviet system) capable of performing both military and civil missions."1


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