The American Alvino-Mario Fantini (sometimes Mario Fantini or Alvino-Mario Fantini-Céspedes), born in July 1968, is a far-right, ultra-Catholic author, editor and organizer. Hailing from Brattleboro, Vermont, Fantini grew up in the environment of… more
Rafael Luis Bardají López (born in Badajoz, 1959) is a far-right Spanish political strategist and former national security advisor to the Spanish government. For decades attached to the post-Francoist, right-wing Partido Popular (PP), in 2018, he… more
Hermann Leopold Tertsch del Valle-Lersundi (born April 9, 1958) is a Spanish far-right journalist, lawyer and politician. He is a Member of the European Parliament for the Vox party since 2019, and ever since a Vice Chairman of the European… more
Benjamin Winston Robert Harnwell (born 8 August 1975, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, UK)1 is an ultra-Catholic anti-abortion lobbyist and political operative formerly involved in the British Conservative Party. In the 15 years that Harnwell… more
Brian Stephen Brown (born ca. 1974) is an American Catholic Right activist, whose career in the scene started in 2001 as executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut,1 a state affiliate of the Christian fundamentalist Focus on the… more
[This article is in parts based on the French Wikipedia article on Aymeric Chuprade. The English Wikipedia entry portrays him basically as the victim of a grand anti-Chauprade conspiracy] Aymeric Chauprade is a French far-right politician who has… more
Luca Volontè is an Italian Catholic Right activist and politician. Volontè was formerly an Italian MP (1996 to 2013), and President of the European People's Party at the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) (2010-2013).… more
Austin Ruse is one of the leading organizers and opinion makers within the U.S. Catholic Right. A prominent voice in U.S. right-wing media, Ruse promotes anti-LGBTIQ and anti-abortion positions, and has advocated the criminalization of homosexuality… more
Dietmar Munier (*February 7, 1954, Hanover) is the owner of a far-right publishing empire in Germany, known for disseminating right-wing extremist and historical revisionist literature.1 He is CEO and co-owner of the publishing group and mail… more
Gerhard Michael Frey (18 February 1933 – 19 February 2013) was a far-right German publisher, businessman and politician. He was the chairman and main financial backer of the right-wing extremist party Deutsche Volksunion ("German Peoples Union,"… more
Gerhard Rex "Gary" Lauck (born May 12, 1953 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA) is an American neo-Nazi, anti-Semite and Holocaust denier, known as the founder and leader of the neo-Nazi NSDAP Aufbau- und Auslandsorganisation ("NSDAP Reconstruction and… more
Mark Jay Meckler (born March 10, 1962) is a right-wing American political operative, attorney, and businessman, who made a fortune in a pyramid-schemed multi-level marketing company before embarking on a career in business-friendly and anti-… more