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Mykola Kravchenko

Mykola Kravchenko (Миколи Кравченка) attended both, the first and the second Paneuropa conference. In the the first edition of 2017, he was named "head of the ideology and propaganda bloc of National Corps." According to a related blog post in his lecture he "reflected on the format of the Reconquista project as a result of two years of development," pointing out that the Reconquista movement has been existing as of 2015.1 "Currently, as he fairly observed, it exists as a wide and largely decentralized network movement comprised of respective national branches and a coordination board in Kyiv. However, the task is to upgrade it to the level of a single pan-European organization consisting of national delegations and initiative groups."

In the second edition of the conference he was introduced as "deputy of the leader of National Corps Andriy Biletsky" in an article.2

Kravchenko presented his book Ukrainian Argonauts: Activities of UNA-UNSO (1991-2001) at the 8th Kyiv International Book Fair in April 2017.

At the beginning of the meeting, the founder of the Landmark Publishing House, Marco Melnyk [Марко Мельник], presented a series of booklets to the guests and stressed that the Ukrainian volunteer movement originated from the UNA-UNSO activity itself...3

Kravchenko seems to have been already a militant in early age, as Facebook pictures show. In March 2020, he posted a picture of himself from 2000, when he was a member of the "Kharkiv Slobídsky Cossack Regiment."4

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