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James Delingpole

James Delingpole was hired by Steve Bannon in 2014 to set up the Breitbart London/Europe1 office together with Raheem Kassam, former senior advisor to Nigel Farage.

With taking on the Breitbart job as executive editor, Delingpole's taste for playing the propagandist gave him all means at hand, and ever since he is not failing to serve every single bullet point on the Alt-right agenda: from climate change denial to white male victimization.

Delingpole's Breitbart contributions serve minutely Bannon's project of a disintegration of Europe, with headlines such as "Delingpole: As with the Soviet Union, the EU’s Collapse Is a Matter of ‘When’, not ‘If’… ."2

Although not having any scientific education, Delingpole is a fierce critic of anthropogenic climate change. In this regard he is known for ad hominem attacks bordering to calumny. For example, in 2013 Delingpole published an article in The Spectator, asking the question whether climate scientists like Michael E. Mann, natural scientist Tim Flannery and journalist George Monbiot should be "given the electric chair", "hanged" or "fed to the crocodiles" for speaking out on anthropogenic global warming. Then he went on that his answer "is – *regretful sigh* – no." Then he explained that "extreme authoritarianism and capital penalties" wouldn't be his "bag". However he continued, "perhaps more importantly, it would be counterproductive, ugly, excessive and deeply unsatisfying. The last thing I would want is for Monbiot, Mann, Flannery, Jones, Hansen and the rest of the Climate rogues' gallery to be granted the mercy of quick release. [...] But hanging? Hell no. Hanging is far too good for such ineffable toerags." He also wished to establish Nuremberg trials for climate scientists and activists, claiming this is meant as a metaphor.3 4

Delingpole is also a customer for white male victimization and misogynic statements. For instance Delingpole has described himself "as a member of probably the most discriminated-against subsection in the whole of British society—the white, middle-aged, public-school-and-Oxbridge educated middle-class male."5 In 2013 he described an article by a fellow journalist, which attacked the views of columnist Suzanne Moore, as giving her "such a seeing-to, she'll be walking bow-legged for weeks." Delingpole later apologised.6


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