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on March 22, 2019 - Last updated: September 8, 2020

Meeting of European far-right youth group leaders in Rome

On March 29, 2019 leaders of the youth groups of various European far-right parties are meeting in Rome on the invitation of Lega’s youth group leader Andrea Crippa. A series of lectures is scheduled that day at the Hotel Life under the headline "The Rebirth of the European Youth." Amongst the speakers are Damian Lohr of the AfD, Maximilian Krauss, Chairman of the Austrian FPÖ Youth and Jordan Bardella, Chief of the Rassemblement National (RN) in France, as well as representatives of the British Ukip and the Belgian Vlaams Belang. Even the youth of the Putin party United Russia is said to have received an invitation. The parties are currently considering to work together after the European elections to form a common parliamentary group in the European Parliament.1

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