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Yury Noievyi

The Ukrainian Yury Noievyi (Юрій Ноєвий) is a member of the higher council of the Svoboda party.

The next Ukrainian participant, Yury Noievyi (member of the higher council of the Svoboda party), took a wider perspective – “The Right-Wing International of Europe.” Another “veteran” of the Ukrainian nationalist movement, he was the most active lobbyist of the inter-party Ukrainian nationalist alliance, which finally resulted in the National Manifesto signed by National Corps, Svoboda, Right Sector and other nationalist organizations.

As he had to leave the conference earlier, Yury Noievyi passed to the conference participants the following theses of his speech, more precisely, conditions under which the Paneuropean union can come true:

1.     In spite of developed right-wing projects of the united Europe, the latter was implemented namely by liberals. It goes without saying that this implementation is inefficient, catastrophic and, basically, anti-European; however, nationalists should learn to transcend their national interests for the sake of the strong Europe preserving its traditional identities and values;

2.     There is no solidary geopolitical position on the Right on the number of problematic issues, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in particular: some support the Kremlin, others support Ukrainian nationalists, the rest stay neutral. If it goes on like this, no “Europe of Nations” will ever be possible;

3.     European nationalists should understand that the attack on one European nation by an external force is an attack against all and take respective measures. Otherwise, they should not be surprised that Ukrainians have to partially ally with the West which imposes on them in exchange its destructive agenda;

4.     The 1st Paneuropa conference should end with signing the Paneuropean Manifesto obliging the signatories to follow a jointly determined geopolitical course.1


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