Sébastien de Boëldieu

The French Sébastien de Boëldieu (aka Sébastien Magnificat) is a CasaPound member, who appeared on the 1st Paneuropa Conference in Kyiv in 2017.1

According to a related blog, Magnificat is "well-known in Europe due to his effective tenure of the position in charge of international activities of CasaPound Italia... CasaPound Italia, representing 'neither left-wing, nor right-wing Fascism of the 21st century,' has a long history of igniting 'eurosynergies' by comprehensive social work and metapolitical activities on the Web, which continue attracting foreign volunteers to CPI from all over the world. Many of them end up moving there, since operating under the banner of CasaPound is naturally perceived as a contribution to the all-European cause and each particular nation of Europe. As the movement named after Ezra Pound, renowned American poet and sympathizer of the revolutionary potential of Italian fascism, first and foremost, in culture and economy, it has always illuminated the idea of pan-European solidarity, never homogenizing and only brightening each particular national character involved."1