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Jonathan Stumpf

The German Jonathan Stumpf (*1988) is a politician of the neo-Nazi NPD party, and author of various white supremacist books and articles.

Born in 1988, Stumpf has "developed" from a crude neo-Nazi active in the comradeship scene ("Heidnischer Sturm Pforzheim") to an intellectual racist, publishing books such as “The White Ethnostate” or “Fight for Survival” under the moniker Johannes Scharf.

After a childhood at Lake Constance and in the northern Black Forest he was working at sea and was an infantryman in the army. He studied history and classical archaeology in Heidelberg.1

Jonathan Stumpf is the head Nova Europa Society,2 whose website bluntly pledges “For a white ethnostate" on the front page. The site, which can be alternatively accessed via the URL, hosts a manifesto available in several languages claiming the superiority of the white race.

Picture featured on the front page of the website Jonathan Stumpf is the third from the right.

Stumpf's Nova Europa Society runs also a YouTube channel, featuring mainly himself.3 The channel publishes videos such as "A White Ethnostate is the Only Feasible Solution."


Since 2019 the Nova Europa Society also publishes the "News of the Nova Europa Society" (Mitteilungen der Nova Europa Society), which appears twice a year, containing blatantly racist articles in German and English.4 Stumpf serves as the editor of the publication.

Among the people, who have contributed articles to the publication are besides Stumpf:

  • Richard McCulloch: author of white supremacist pulications such as The Racial Compact (1994), The Nordish Quest (1989), Destiny of Angels (1986), and The Ideal and Destiny (1982). Since the 1980s his essays have appeared in publications such as Instauration, American Renaissance, and The Occidental Quarterly.
  • Arthur Kemp: a Rhodesian-born racist writer and the owner of Ostara Publications who was from 2009 to 2011 the foreign affairs spokesperson for the far-right British National Party
  • Stephan Alexander-Thomas: racist German philologist and historian
  • Constantin von Hoffmeister: popular speaker on far-right events and author of numerous racist books from Germany
  • John Bruce Leonard: editor-in-chief of the far-right Arktos publishing house,5 who also publishes articles for write supremacist outlets such as Counter-Currents
  • Eduard Schreiber
  • Jason Steam (pseudonym): "deputy-chief" of the Nova Europa Society,6 who lives in the South of Germany7


In May 2019, Stumpf took part at a far-right rally in Mannheim inspired by the French Gilets Jaunes movement. Stumpf was among the speakers, agitating against refugees, Muslims, trade unions, the SPD and the Green party, as well as and anti-fascists.8

Mario Müller (left) and Jonathan Stumpf (right) on Lesbos in March 2020.

Local news website reported that on March 6, 2020, a group of German neo-Nazis were arriving on the island of Lesbos pretending to be journalists, among them Jonathan Stumpf. Stumpf was attacked on the same day resulting in a head injury.9

One of his companions was the Identitarian Mario Müller, formerly active in the youth cadre of the neo-Nazi NPD party, who had been repeatedly convicted for violent crimes against political opponents. He is the founder and leader of the “residential project” Kontrakultur Halle, which hosts neo-Nazis, politicians of the far-right AfD party, and members of the Identitarian movement, among others, under one roof.

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