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Fredrik Hagberg

Fredrik Hagberg is head of the international relations of the nationalist Swedish Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth). He was a speaker at the 1st Paneuropa Conference in Kyiv in 2017.

"Further, the audience’s attention was redirected from the European South up to the North – to Scandinavia represented at the conference by Swedes Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth), as well as Sonic, Swedish volunteer of the AZOV regiment. Another organization that was the first to issue a note of support “for a free Ukraine” among European nationalist organizations and sent delegations to the revolutionary Maidan, Nordisk Ungdom has quite a rich history of cooperation with Ukrainian nationalists. Not only them: for instance, NU regularly participates in Polish nationalist festivities and welcomes the ongoing process of the Polish-Ukrainian nationalist reconciliation. Overall, they define themselves as a Scandinavian identitarian organization and believe that Scandinavia will only benefit from surpassing modern national divisions at a higher organic level. Not surprisingly, NU favors the creation of the Scandinavian bloc and considers its ties with the Intermarium countries (lands between the Adriatic, Baltic and Black Seas) “natural.” Moreover, its members are quite unequivocal regarding the shortcomings of “old nationalist” megalomania and rivalry in times of the entire European civilization’s collapse.

Fredrik Hagberg, as a person in charge of NU’s international relations, neither arrived, nor spoke in Ukraine for the first time, just like his colleague Christian Mattsson. The first address by Fredrik Hagberg to the Ukrainian nation happened in the most direct and public way: he delivered a speech in front of Ukrainian revolutionaries in the captured building of the Kyiv City State administration during the dramatic events of 2013-2014. The topic and the main message of his address are easy to guess: he described in detail shocking for the Eastern European mentality legislation and practices aimed at imposing the ultraliberal agenda in a Swedish society and called Ukrainians to refuse from choosing between the EU and Russia, for there is no “lesser evil” among them, all the more so a non-existent “paradise.” Western globalists’ reaction was not long in coming: Fredrik Hagberg was fired from the Swedish Army on his return home after a “political journey” to Ukraine. Luckily, the course towards the alternative pan-European union set in Kyiv after the revolution and war with Putin-backed forces shows that the seeds planted by foreign friends of Ukraine will yield a fruitful harvest for all Europe and its devoted patriots like Hagberg.

This time, Fredrik Hagberg did not have to open anybody’s eyes to what is happening in Sweden and the world in general. Aggressive globalization carried out by the Swedish government brought its fruits, too: Apr.7, on the eve of the conference, the asylum seeker (known to the Swedish secret police) drove a stolen truck into the crowd walking through the busy street in the center of Stockholm. Besides, he commented on scandalous words by Turkey’s president Tayyip Erdogan who warned Europeans that they would not be able to walk safely on their streets if the EU continued bargaining and pushing Turkey away. What is worse, as Fredrik Hagberg fairly remarked, the situation in Sweden resembles the conditions under which the latest presidential elections in France were held: the non-European population of European countries might easily outvote the indigenous population regardless of the latter’s decisions.

This is one of the reasons why Nordisk Ungdom does not participate or rely so much on the parliamentary politics trying to change the very mindset of the Swedish society instead. In defiance of the information blockade by the mainstream media, as persistent as NU’s actions are creative and bright, they continue drawing the public attention to criminal outcomes of the EU’s and Swedish government’s policies endorsing the “clash of the cultures” in Europe:

You may find the full text of Fredrik Hagberg’s speech “For a United Europe” here:"

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