Björn Sigvald

Björn Sigvald is a "Swiss representative of the Reconquista movement closely connected with the French segment of European third positionists as a natural born Francophone."1 He appeared as a attendee of the 1st Paneuropa Conference in Kyiv in 2017.1

He also seems to have organized a Swiss Reconquista conference, in which Pascalle Lassalle partook.1

In a Facebook post from May 2, 2017, in the context of the 1st Paneuropa Conference Olena Semenyaka posted a photo of her with Sigvald with the following caption:

"If a person can move from Switzerland to Ukraine, then everything's possible.

Thank you for everything, Bjorn!
We expect a Swiss team at the next Paneuropa conference."2

The same post by Semenyaka featured also this picture bringing Reconquista in connection with the Identitarian Movement (Identitäre Bewegung) and White Rex.