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on January 14, 2019 // Last updated: September 5, 2020

Björn Sigvald

Björn Sigvald is a Swiss neo-Nazi, who has fought at the front in Eastern Ukraine.1 He is considered the founder of the Swiss Reconquista section and of the "Misanthropic Division Switzerland."1 Sigvald is closely connected with the French segment of European third positionists as a natural born Francophone," according to the now defunct insider blog Reconquista Europe.2 He appeared as an attendee of the 1st Paneuropa Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2017.2



Sigvald's neo-Nazi past can be traced back to the Hammerskins of Geneva.1 In 2014, following the Maidan events in Ukraine, Sigvald founded the Swiss section of the Misanthropic Division.1 The group includes members from Geneva, Valais, the canton of Vaud and St. Gallen, among them three men from the military: a chief sergeant major, a chief sergeant and a sergeant.3 The group served as a direct offshoot of a neo-Nazi militia of the same name, which fought against the Russian separatists in the Ukraine.

Pictures of the Misanthropic Division Schweiz were published by the French-speaking Renversé. They show that Sigvald and his compatriots of the Misanthropic Division have a strong propensity to the National Socialist Black Metal (NSBM) scene. Sigvald can be seen on a picture with Ludovic Van Alst alias Famine, the singer of Peste Noire and Audrey Silvain, former member of Peste Noire.4

According to the Swiss newspaper Blick1:

First, the Geneva native collected money in Switzerland and transferred it to the Misanthropic Division in the Ukraine. In November 2014, he then traveled to Kiev with comrades from French-speaking Switzerland to deliver a shipment of military clothing. On Facebook he posted a photo of a right-wing extremist Ukrainian militia and wrote: "Will I join? ...

So far, the Geneva-based B. S. has not been charged by the military justice system, but photos show that a few months after his trip to Kiev, he joined the right-wing extremist combat group Karpatska Sich, a small but brutal volunteer militia. In the pictures he poses armed in uniform. He promotes his attitude on his chest: a sewn-on SS skull.


According to Renversé it was Björn Sigvald who organized a conference "on the Ukrainian question" on September 25, 2015, in Lausanne, which hosted a lecture by French Reconquista representative, Pascal Lassalle.42


A picture from 2017 shows Sigvald together with members of the Karpatska Sich militia, performing the Nazi salute.4

In a Facebook post from May 2, 2017, in the context of the 1st Paneuropa Conference, Ukrainian neo-Nazi figurehead Olena Semenyaka posted a photo of her with Sigvald with the following caption:

If a person can move from Switzerland to Ukraine, then everything's possible. Thank you for everything, Bjorn! We expect a Swiss team at the next Paneuropa conference.5

The same post by Semenyaka featured also the picture below, bringing Reconquista in connection with the Identitarian Movement and White Rex.

A sticker of the German Identitarian Movement reading "Europe, Youth, Reconquista," alongside a sticker advertising the neo-Nazi martial arts group White Rex.


According to Renversé, Sigvald could be last seen "at a summer camp of the Karpatska Sich in 2019 together with neo-Nazi terrorist Igor Olegovich Garkavenko, who spent 9 years in prison for bombing the offices of several Ukrainian political and cultural organizations as well as the Israeli cultural center in the city of Kharkov."4


According to Blick,1 Sigvald's current whereabouts are unknown.