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Free Russia Fund

The Free Russia Fund, Inc. is mentioned in the Appendix of an obscure publication by George Fischer entitled "Russian Emigré Politics" from 1951 amongst "New American Organizations for a Free Russia."1 A footnote to the listing reads:

"The closest published approximation to a complete listing of organizations in the United States of and for exiles from the USSR is contained in Russian-American Calendar-Guide, 1951 (New York, 1951), pp. 65-96. This volume is published by Nicholas Martianoff, 1326 Madison Avenue, New York 28, New York. No comparable source exists for Western Germany, which remains the political center of recent exiles from the USSR. Specific inquiries may be addressed to the Institute for Research on the History and institutions of the USSR, Augustenstrasse 46, Munich, Germany. This is a non-partisan venture of Soviet exile intellectuals. Its director is Boris A. Yakovlev, fomerly Vice-President of the Soviet Academy of Architecture and co-editor of a collection of autobiographical accounts by wartime Soviet exiles, Thirteen Who Fled (New York, 1949)."2

The following details are mentioned about the Free Russia Fund:


A. Officers

  • President: George F. Kennan
  • Treasurer: R. Gordon Wasson
  • Other members, Board of Trustees:
  • Frank Altschul, Professor Philip E. Mosely, John E. F. Wood
  • Director: George Fischer

B. Address

542 Fifth Avenue, New York 19, New York

C. Background

This group was formed at a meeting on March 23, 1951. Its immediate purpose is "to increase the usefulness to free society" of exiles of all Soviet nationalities through the support of their cultural, academic and mutual aid organizations in the United States.

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