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Ein Prozent

The campaign Ein Prozent für unser Land ("One percent for our country") is a German campaign affiliated with the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. The name is an allusion to the idea that it would only take one percent of the population to change Germany. The first archived version of the website ist from November 2015.1

Ein Prozent tries to tie together various far-right initiatives by organizing events and initiating petitions that are mostly directed against Germany’s immigration policy. One Percent also supports projects such as the building of a “patriotic trade union." The organization was founded in 2015 as a hinge between the AfD and the Identitarian movement by publicist Götz Kubitschek (Antaios publishing, Sezession, Institut für Staatspolitik etc.), Jürgen Elsässer (Compact magazine), and AfD politician Hans-Thomas Tillschneider.2

Currently Ein Prozent is headed by Philip Stein, who runs the publishing company Jungeuropa ("Young Europe")3 , which mostly publishes German translations of internationally renown far-right authors, such as Alain de Benoist. Stein is also spokesman of the extreme right-wing "German Fraternity" (Deutsche Burschenschaft4 ), an umbrella organization of right-wing German fraternities.

In a recent chart, Ein Prozent has defined its field of action with the following key words5 :

Our Projects: Election monitoring, German Victims, Actions, Counter-Culture, Free Spaces, Social Commitment, Research, Documentation


In June 2017, Götz Kubitschek announced on the Ein Prozent website that its office would move into the by now infamous Identitarian "club house" Kontrakultur Halle,6 for which Kubitschek is also largely responsible.7 The Identitarian club house is yet another meeting place for the New Right originating in Kubitschek's brown orbit, alongside his "Institute for State Policy" (Institut für Staatspolitik, IfS)8 in Schnellroda and the "Library of Conservatism" (Bibliothek des Konservatismus) in Berlin.

In mid-August 2020, Ein Prozent published an interview with the head of Reconquista Germanica, Nikolai Alexander. Reconquista Germanica is a several thousand strong German far-right troll group that regularly launches hate attacks against undesired websites and people.9  Martin Sellner, figurehead of the Identitarian Movement Austria, had according to SWR2 research “VIP” status on the server of Reconquista Germanica.10

In August 2020, employees of Ein Prozent took part in a mass demonstration of Corona deniers, among them hardcore neo-Nazis, Reich Citizens (Reichsbürger), Identitarians, anti-vaxxers, adherents to the Qanon conspiracy theory, and other proponents lured into the "crossfront" (Red-Brown alliance) under an anti-scientific and conspiracist umbrella.11 Ein Prozent's Simon Kaupert led an interview with Stephan Bergmann, the racist12 press spokesman of Querdenken, the organization behind the demonstration.

In September 2020, One Percent announced that it will soon publish the "first patriotic computer game," called "Rebellion - Heimat Defender"13 :

In the game, the playable characters Alex Malenki, Martin Sellner, Outdoor Illner and the dark knight must navigate a dystopian vision of the future in which the Globohomo Corporation controls public life and even the minds of citizens.

For more than a year, the patriotic game designer Kvltgames developed the program exclusively for "One Percent," which you can download for free on the website for Windows and Mac starting September 15th. We are also working on a release of the game via the Steam platform to reach even more young people.


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