In Bronkhorstspruit, a town located 50 kilometers east of the capital Pretoria, three German neo-Nazis linked to the "African Resistance Movement" Afrikaner weerstandsbeweging, Alfred Horst Klenz (57 years old), Stephan Rays (27 years old) and Alexander Neidnelein (25 years old), have been indicted for taking part in a shootout with the police on May 14, 1993, which resulted in the death of another German neo-Nazi, Thomas Kunst (32 years old), and the wounding of two police officers. Klenz had been living illegally in South Africa for 10 years and was wanted in Namibia for the murder of a policeman. Rays and Neidnelein had been merceneries in the former Yugoslavia, where the two Nazis were fighting alongside the Croatian Ustashas against the Serbian Chetnics.