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Asgardsrei festival

Asgardsrei is an annual neo-Nazi and National Socialist Black metal (NSBM) festival, which first took place in Moscow in 2012, but changed its location to Kiev, Ukraine.1 According to a post on the neo-Nazi website Militant Zone2

"the following year, people behind the fest had to flee the country in order to escape political persecution. In 2014, the Ukrainian revolution attracted many brave souls to Kiev, with it becoming the cradle of a new movement, hereafter known as Militant Black Metal."

The festival is organized by Alexei Levkin of the band M8L8TH, who also runs the "MilitantZone" website, as well as the neo-Nazi Azov battalion, which has been instrumental in the Maidan putsch in Ukraine.3

The Asgardsrei festival is named after the eponymous 1999 album by the band Absurd, which was seen as influential to the National Socialist Black Metal scene.4

The NSBM genre has become popular among neo-Nazis worldwide, and festivals such as Asgardsrei have become a contact point for various neo-Nazi groups from Europe and the US.3 Among bands that were participating in the festival are, for example, Absurd, Peste Noire, Goatmoon, M8L8TH, and Nokturnal Mortum.5 6

Pact of Steel

Since 2015, in the run-up to the Asgardrei festival a conference called "Pact of Steel" takes place, where neo-Nazi big wigs from all over Europe give lectures and presentations.

Some NSBM artists, such as the German Hendrik Möbus, who had murdered a classmate when he was a teenager,7 have given lectures there.

Hendrik Möbus lecturing on "The White God of War: Roman von Ungern-Sternberg" in the context of the "Pact of Steel" conference in Ukraine.

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