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Scandza Forum / Stockholm

On March 30, 2019, the far-right Scandza Forum1 was taking place in Stockholm, Sweden, this year running under the headline "Anarcho-Tyranny." Scheduled guests were Jared Taylor, Mark Collett, Olena Semenyaka, Greg Johnson, Fróði Midjord, Millenial Woes and Martin Lichtmesz.

The Intermarium Support Group had announced Semenyaka's participation in a Facebook post that states:

"The event in Sweden, a strategic ally of the Intermarium Union, will be attended by a Ukrainian representative and a secretary of the Intermarium Support Group Olena Semenyaka. Other renowned speakers (Jared Taylor, Greg Johnson, Mark Collett and Fróði Midjord, the founder of the Scandza Forum) are revealed in the conference poster!"2

Jared Taylor on the way to the event was held by Swiss police on the base of a Polish-initiated ban against him, which bars him from entering the EU until 2021.3

Semenyaka stated in a Facebook post that is not available anymore in regards to Taylor's travel ban:

"He was detained in Poland, sadly, and sent an address to the audience which was recited by Froði Midjord. He was accused of spreading "totalitarian ideology"... Froði commented on it on Red Ice TV.”4



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