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2nd Paneuropa Conference

The Intermarium-Interegnum Facebook page associated with the Intermarium Support Group together with the nationalist Plomin literary club appear as co-organizers of “The Second Paneuropa Conference in Kyiv" on October 15, 2018.1 Taking place in the Reconquista Club (Lypkivskogo Str. 1A, Kyiv), it hosted next to Olena Semenyaka speakers from Western European far-right organizations, amongst them:  Bjørn Christian Rødal (Alliansen - Alternativ for Norge, Norway); Alberto Palladino (foreign correspondent of Casa Pound Italia, Italy); Julian Bender (West Germany area leader of Der III. Weg, Germany); Maik Schmidt (leader of the Brandenburg branch of NPD’s JN, Germany); Yuri Noievyi (All-Ukrainian Svoboda Association, Ukraine); Anton Badyda (Karpatska Sich, Ukraine); Greg Johnson (representative of the US Alt-Right, Editor-in-Chief of Counter-Currents, USA); and Marcus Follin aka “The Golden One” (Swedish Pan-European Nationalist, Identitarian, Sweden).

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