Image Source… The Italian Francesco Fontana is a (former) Avanguardia Nazionale member, who later became involved in the… more
Slava Stetsko (Ukrainian: Ярослава Йосипівна Стецько, Polish: Sława Stećko) (14 May 1920, Romanivka near Ternopil - 12 March 2003, Munich) was a member of the Ukrainian collaborationist paramilitary Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), and… more
Roman Mykhailovych Zvarych (also spelled Zwarycz; Ukrainian: Роман Михайлович Зварич; born 1953) is a Ukrainian politician. A former United States citizen, he was one of the first people to relinquish that citizenship in order to take up Ukrainian… more
Boleslav A. Holtsman was the primary American intelligence liaison with Ukrainian nationalist leaders at the end of WWII and years beyond. Bill Holtsman served as a translator with OSS in Europe until his discharge in early 1946. He received an… more
The Hungarian Zsolt Aradi was a key liaison of Western intelligence with Ukrainian nationalists. His OSS cryptonyms were CRABBE and SARAZEN, his CIA cryptonyms KILKENNY and CARRYALL. Malcolm W. STEVENS was his pseudonym.1 Zsolt Aradi, a Hungarian… more
Ivan Hrinioch (Born Dec 28, 19071; also known as Hryniokh, Johann Hrijnioch), a Uniate Catholic priest, was the chaplain for the collaborationist Nachtigall battalion, and in 1946 became a US intelligence asset with 'full operational approval since… more
Paramilitary Organisations In 1904, Piłsudski created the Combat Organization of the Polish Socialist Party aiming at armed resistance against the Russian authorities. In 1908, these paramilitary units were transformed into the “Union for Active… more
Mykola Lebed (Ukrainian: Микола Лебідь;  January 11, 1909 - July 18, 1998), also known as Maksym Ruban, Marko or Yevhen Skyrba, was a Ukrainian nationalist guerrilla fighter and a WWII war criminal. He was among those tried, convicted, and… more
Lev E. Dobriansky (November 9, 1918 – January 30, 2008  was a professor of economics at Georgetown University, U.S. ambassador to the Bahamas and anti-communist advocate. He is known for his work with the National Captive Nations Committee and the… more
Robert Charles Adolphe Marie Lucien Close, born on April 30, 1922 and deceased on December 6, 2003 in Brussels, is a Belgian politician and military. Education He received his military education first at the Royal School of Cadets (École royale… more
Yaroslav Stetsko (Ukrainian: Ярослав Стецько; born 19 January 1912 in Ternopil, Austria–Hungary; died 5 July 1986 in Munich, Germany) was a nationalist Ukrainian paramilitary leader. In 1941, during the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, he had… more
Summary Roman-Taras Yosypovych Shukhevych (Ukrainian: Рома́н-Тарас Йо́сипович Шухе́вич, also known by his pseudonym Taras Chuprynka, 30 June 1907 – 5 March 1950) was a Ukrainian nationalist, one of the commanders of Abwehr's Nachtigall Battalion… more