Fredrik Hagberg is head of the international relations of the nationalist Swedish Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth). He was a speaker at the 1st Paneuropa Conference in Kyiv in 2017. "Further, the audience’s attention was redirected from the European… more
Olena Semenyaka (*1987) is one of the figureheads of the Ukrainian nationalist scene. In an interview with Oleg Odnorozhenko from 2015, at the time the deputy commander of the Azov regiment, published on the Ukrainian Traditionalist Club website,… more
The Ukrainian Yury Noievyi (Юрій Ноєвий) is a member of the higher council of the Svoboda party. The next Ukrainian participant, Yury Noievyi (member of the higher council of the Svoboda party), took a wider perspective – “The Right-Wing… more
 The Ukrainian Andriy Voloshyn is member of the NGO "MIPU" (International Initiative to Support Ukraine), co-founder of the Ukrainian Traditionalist Club, founder of the 'archeofuturistic association' “ARFA”, and involved in the National Corps as… more
Leo Marić is the international secretary of the Croatian far-right Generacija Obnove (Generation of Renewal) party. 2017 Marić appeared at the 2nd Intermarium Support Group conference 2017 in Kyiv.1 The same year he appeared also at the 1st… more
The Polish Witold Dobrowolski was formerly the editor of the neo-Nazi magazine SZTURM1, before working full-time as a "photojournalist," traveling the world to "report" on violent uprisings. SZTURM, which also publishes a nationalist book series,… more
Pawel Bielawski is a member of the Polish nationalist organisation Niklot and sits on editorial team of the Polish neo-Nazi SZTURM magazine.1 As of August 2020, he is a PHD candidate at the Institute for the Study of Religions at the Jagiellonian… more
The Lithuanian Mindaugas Sidaravicius took part on the first two Intermarium Support Group Conferences in 2016 and 2017,1 and in the 1st Paneuropa Conference in 2017, all taking place in Kyiv. "The sequence of Eastern European speeches proceeded… more
Image Event poster of the Asgardrei festival 2019 Alexei Levkin is a Russian neo-Nazi living in Ukraine since 2015, and is involved in the Russian Centre and the Wotan… more
Pascal Lassalle is a co-founder of the French web radio Méridien Zéro, host of Radio Courtoisie and member of Gabriele Adinolfi’s Lansquenets group. He is a former G.R.E.C.E (Alain de Benoist), Synergies Européennes (Robert Steuckers), and Terre et… more
The French Sébastien de Boëldieu (aka Sébastien Magnificat) is a CasaPound member, who appeared on the 1st Paneuropa Conference in Kyiv in 2017.1 According to a related blog, Magnificat is "well-known in Europe due to his effective tenure of the… more
Mykola Kravchenko (Миколи Кравченка) attended both, the first and the second Paneuropa conference. In the the first edition of 2017, he was named "head of the ideology and propaganda bloc of National Corps." According to a related blog post in his… more