Bela Ewald Althans (born 23 March 1966 in Bremen) was formerly a German neo-Nazi activist, who had allegedly worked as an informant of the Bavarian domestic security service (Verfassungsschutz). Once the leading organizer in Germany’s neo-Nazi… more
Christian Worch (*1956) is one of the leading German neo-Nazi cadre since the late 1970s, and founder of the around 600 member strong1 German far-right party Die Rechte ("The Right," DR) in 2012. DR links directly into some of the most notorious… more
Gottfried Heinrich Küssel (born 10 September 1958 in Vienna)1 is an Austrian Holocaust denier, right-wing extremist publicist and key figure in the Austrian and German neo-Nazi scene. He was known above all for his leadership of the militant neo-… more
Matthias Deyda1 (born ca. 1992) is the foreign affairs representative2 of the 600-member strong3 German far-right minority party Die Rechte ("The Right," DR). He is a leading figure in the Dortmund neo-Nazi scene, and appears regularly on relevant… more
Mário Machado (*1977), is considered among the most influential right-wing extremist activists in Portugal12 and is the founder and leader of several neo-Nazi groups. Machado has a long criminal record that includes racial discrimination, violent… more
Yvan Benedetti is the spokesman of the "Nationalist Party of France" (Parti Nationaliste Français) and director of the newspaper "Young Nation" (Jeune Nation),1 named after a neo-fascist far-right movement founded in 1949 by Pierre Sidos and his… more
Vávra Suk (born 18 March 1973 in Prague, Czechoslovakia) is the editor of the Swedish far-right newspaper Nya Tider, and has published works by Alexander Dugin. Before his career in publishing Suk used to be a nationalist politician in Sweden… more
Andreas Edwin Kalbitz, born November 17, 1972, in Munich, is a German politician of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) since the very beginning of the party.  Since November 2017 Kalbitz is the chairman of the AfD faction in the State… more
Gunnar Lindemann is an AfD politician from the Berlin district of Marzahn sitting in the Berlin City Parliament. He can be frequently spotted in Russia and the "Novorossiya" states (Donetsk, Luhansk, South Ossetia etc.). Lindemann is a… more
Álvaro Zulueta is a business manager currently serving as the CEO of the ultra-Catholic petition and mobilization platform CitizenGo, operating worldwide. Zulueta, born in Madrid, holds an MBA from IE Business School.1 In 2012, Zulueta left his job… more
Emmanuel Leroy's early biography has been aptly summarized by Nicolas Lebourg in The French Far-Right In Russia's Orbit:1 Marine Le Pen’s first geopolitical advisor, and the one who inspired her Russophilia, was Emmanuel Leroy. Leroy began his… more
Walter Kopp (Cryptonym: KIBITZ-15)1 was a lieutenant colonel of the Wehrmacht during the Third Reich. After the war, he became the chief of one stay-behind network in West Germany, code-named KIBITZ-15 net,1 which was a sub-project of KIBITZ, a CIA… more