Rafael Luis Bardají López (born in Badajoz, 1959) is a far-right Spanish political strategist and former national security advisor to the Spanish government. For decades attached to the post-Francoist, right-wing Partido Popular (PP), in 2018, he… more
Hermann Leopold Tertsch del Valle-Lersundi (born April 9, 1958) is a Spanish far-right journalist, lawyer and politician. He is a Member of the European Parliament for the Vox party since 2019, and ever since a Vice Chairman of the European… more
[toc] Benjamin Winston Robert Harnwell (born 8 August 1975, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, UK)1 is an ultra-Catholic anti-abortion lobbyist and political operative formerly involved in the British Conservative Party. In the 15 years that… more
[toc] Brian Stephen Brown (born ca. 1974) is an American Catholic Right activist, whose career in the scene started in 2001 as executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut,1 a state affiliate of the Christian fundamentalist Focus on… more
[toc] Luca Volontè is an Italian Catholic Right activist and politician. Volontè was formerly an Italian MP (1996 to 2013), and President of the European People's Party at the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) (2010-… more
Austin Ruse is one of the leading organizers and opinion makers within the U.S. Catholic Right. A prominent voice in U.S. right-wing media, Ruse promotes anti-LGBTIQ and anti-abortion positions, and has advocated the criminalization of homosexuality… more
[toc] Dietmar Munier (*February 7, 1954, Hanover) is the owner of a far-right publishing empire in Germany, known for disseminating right-wing extremist and historical revisionist literature.1 He is CEO and co-owner of the publishing group and… more
[toc] Gerhard Michael Frey (18 February 1933 – 19 February 2013) was a far-right German publisher, businessman and politician. He was the chairman and main financial backer of the right-wing extremist party Deutsche Volksunion ("German Peoples… more
Gerhard Rex "Gary" Lauck (born May 12, 1953 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA) is an American neo-Nazi, anti-Semite and Holocaust denier, known as the founder and leader of the neo-Nazi NSDAP Aufbau- und Auslandsorganisation ("NSDAP Reconstruction and… more
[toc] Mark Jay Meckler (born March 10, 1962) is a right-wing American political operative, attorney, and businessman, who made a fortune in a pyramid-schemed multi-level marketing company before embarking on a career in business-friendly and anti-… more
Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence. Image Source https://www.facebook.com/dustin.stockton/photos/3… Dustin Stockton is a gun nut MAGA grifter in his late… more
[toc] [This article was submitted to us anonymously. It seems in part based on William Boykin's English Wikipedia entry, but with many additional resources.] William Gerald "Jerry" Boykin, born April 19, 1948, in Wilson, North Carolina, is a… more