Yaroslav Stetsko (Ukrainian: Ярослав Стецько; born 19 January 1912 in Ternopil, Austria–Hungary; died 5 July 1986 in Munich, Germany) was a nationalist Ukrainian paramilitary leader. In 1941, during the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, he had… more
Summary Roman-Taras Yosypovych Shukhevych (Ukrainian: Рома́н-Тарас Йо́сипович Шухе́вич, also known by his pseudonym Taras Chuprynka, 30 June 1907 – 5 March 1950) was a Ukrainian nationalist, one of the commanders of Abwehr's Nachtigall Battalion, a… more
When in 1923 the Allies recognized Polish rule over western Ukraine, the underground Ukrainian Military Organization (Ukrainska viiskova orhanizatsiia, UVO), composed of Ukrainian veterans, turned to Germany and Lithuania for political and financial… more
Summary Lev Prchala (* 23. March 1892 in Silesian Ostrava; † 11. June 1963 in Feldbach) was a general of the Czechoslovak army, and after World War II became an important British intelligence asset in the Czechoslovakian emigré community. Life… more
Miha Krek (28 September 1897 – 18 November 1969) was a Slovenian lawyer and conservative politician. Between 1941 and 1969, he was the informal leader of the Slovenian anti-Communist emigration. “With the onset of the Second World War, these [… more
Grigore Gafencu (1892-1957) was a Rumanian collaborationist foreign minister, who in early 1939 succeeded Nicolae Petrescu-Comnens in the Government of Cristea and retained this post also among several subsequent prime ministers. In the government… more