Mario Borghezio, born on 3 December 1947 in Turin, is a far-right Italian politician from the (Northern) League, and a Member of the European Parliament since 2001. Borghezio had ties to right-wing extremist organizations throughout his life, among… more
Giovanni De Lorenzo (* 29. November 1907 in Vizzini; † 26. April 1973 Vizzini) was an officer of the Italian army. As general, he was head of the secret service Servizio Informazioni Forze Armate (SIFAR), and later the Carabinieri. Early History… more
The German Joachim Fiebelkorn (born 1947), originally from Frankfurt, had served in the Spanish Foreign Legion, before working with Stefano Delle Chiaie for a group called Los novios de la muerte (The Bridegrooms of Death), a band of "narco-… more
Claudio Mutti, known also under his assumed Muslim name Omar Amine, is an Italian fascist writer born in 1946 in Parma.1 He had been involved in several far-right organizations brought in connection with terrorist attacks in Italy in the 1970s and… more
James Delingpole was hired by Steve Bannon in 2014 to set up the Breitbart London/Europe1 office together with Raheem Kassam, former senior advisor to Nigel Farage. With taking on the Breitbart job as executive editor, Delingpole's taste for… more
Fróði Midjord, originally from the Faroe Islands, is a leading proponent of the Nordic paganistic far right, and made himself a name as a speaker on various European neo-Nazi events. He is also known as host of the far-right Scandza Forum and runs a… more
Greg Johnson (born 1964) is an American white nationalist1 regularly appearing as speaker on international far-right events. He is known for his role as editor-in-chief of the white nationalist imprint Counter Currents Publishing, which has been… more
Gabriele Adinolfi (born January 3, 1954, in Rome) is a Paris-based neofascist leader, who was a founding member of the Third Positionist group Terza Posizione ("Third Position") in the late 1970s. When an arrest warrant was issued against him… more
(This article follows Steve Bannon's activities from his 2016 stint in the White House until today; a short intro to Bannon's earlier career can be found here.) 2016 On August 17, 2016, Donald Trump, then still a candidate in the hot phase of the… more
Konstantīns Pupurs (March 5, 1964 in Riga, – September 10, 2017 in Riga) was a Latvian political scientist, historian, linguist, active in the anti-communist group „Helsinki-86” activist during the Latvian Third Awakening, also known as the Singing… more
The Polish military instructor Damien Duda has appeared on the first and second Intermarium Support Group conference. A summary of his speech at the 2nd Intermarium Support Group conference reads: "Magister, teacher at Maria Curie-Sklodowska… more
The German Klaus Armstroff (*1957 in Jena), electrician by profession, is a right-wing extremist politician and neo-Nazi. He was a member of the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), then founded the right-wing extremist party Der III. Way, of… more