Yvan Benedetti is the spokesman of the "Nationalist Party of France" (Parti Nationaliste Français) and director of the newspaper "Young Nation" (Jeune Nation),1 named after a neo-fascist far-right movement founded in 1949 by Pierre Sidos and his… more
Vávra Suk (born 18 March 1973 in Prague, Czechoslovakia) is the editor of the Swedish far-right newspaper Nya Tider, and has published works by Alexander Dugin. Before his career in publishing Suk used to be a nationalist politician in Sweden… more
Andreas Edwin Kalbitz, born November 17, 1972, in Munich, is a German politician of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) since the very beginning of the party.  Since November 2017 Kalbitz is the chairman of the AfD faction in the State… more
Gunnar Lindemann (born August 25, 1970 in Wuppertal) is an AfD politician from the Berlin district of Marzahn sitting in the Berlin City Parliament. He can be frequently spotted in Russia and the "Novorossiya" states (Donetsk, Luhansk, South… more
Álvaro Zulueta is a business manager currently serving as the CEO of the ultra-Catholic petition and mobilization platform CitizenGo, operating worldwide. Zulueta, born in Madrid, holds an MBA from IE Business School.1 In 2012, Zulueta left his… more
Emmanuel Leroy's early biography has been aptly summarized by Nicolas Lebourg in The French Far-Right In Russia's Orbit:1 Marine Le Pen’s first geopolitical advisor, and the one who inspired her Russophilia, was Emmanuel Leroy. Leroy began his… more
Maximilian Krah (January 28, 1977) is a corporate attorney and politician of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. Until 2016 he was a member of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), but switched that year to the AfD. He has been the… more
Walter Kopp (Cryptonym: KIBITZ-15)1 was a lieutenant colonel of the Wehrmacht during the Third Reich. After the war, he became the chief of one stay-behind network in West Germany, code-named KIBITZ-15 net,1 which was a sub-project of KIBITZ, a… more
Albert Schnez ( born August 30, 1911 in Abtsgmuend, † April 26, 2007 in Bonn) was a senior officer of the Reichswehr, the Wehrmacht, the Bundeswehr and most recently, from 1968 to 1971, served as inspector of the army with the rank of lieutenant-… more
There is hardly any information available on Hans-Dieter Schliack. In 1961, Schliack had been recruited by Ebrulf Zuber to work for the German foreign secret service Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), presumably on the base of Schliack's former Waffen-… more
Ebrulf Zuber (alias Ackermann) was a former Waffen-SS member, who after WWII was recruited into the German foreign secret service Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) with the assistance of US intelligence. A detailed biography in English is contained… more
Eberhard Blum (April 28, 1919 – July 9, 2003), born in Kiel, was the fourth head of the German Federal Intelligence Bureau Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) from 1982 to 1985. Timeline 1919 Born in Kiel 1937 Officer career 1945 Studies in judicial… more