The holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck (born November 8, 1928), aka "Nazi granny," has been repeatedly convicted for Nazi revisionism after publicly denying the reality of gas chambers in Nazi extermination camps.1 She is currently serving a 2 1/2… more
Stepan Putila (born July 27, 1998), is an anti-Lukashenko regime change operative of Belarusian origin, resident in Poland. He is the creator of the  Telegram channel Nexta, which in the course of the Belarusian color revolution of 2020 was made the… more
Roman Protasevich is one of the key regime change operatives in the Belarusian color revolution of 2020. His name appeared in the context of a Telegram channel called Nexta that overnight was made the voice of the Belarusian opposition. According… more
Eberhard Taubert (11 May 1907 in Kassel – 2 November 1976 in Cologne) was a lawyer and anti-Semitic Nazi propagandist. He joined the Nazi party in 1931, and quickly became involved in both anti-Communist and anti-Jewish propaganda. From 1933 to 1945… more
Yves Félix Marie Guillou (born December 2, 1926, in Ploubezre), mostly known as Yves Guérin-Sérac (other aliases include Jean-Robert de Guernadec, Ralf etc.) was a French far-right terrorist and organizer, who had acquired his deadly skill set as… more
Rolf Rienhardt (* 2 July 1903 in Bucha; † 16 March 1975 in Badenweiler) was a German lawyer and important publicist in the Nazi era. As legal advisor to Max Amann, the first business manager of the Nazi Party, Rienhardt was jointly responsible for… more
The Austrian right-wing extremist and Holocaust-denier Gottfried Küssel. Martin Sellner (born January 8, 1989) is the best-known face in the Austrian Identitarian Movement (IM). Already as a teenager Sellner was… more
Philip Stein (born 1991 in Fritzlar) is a New Right German publisher and activist affiliated with the Identitarian Movement as well as the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. He is regarded as an "ultra-right-wing fraternity member," "… more
Mario Müller is a prominent face in the German Identitarian movement, and appears as a key organizer of far-right events in Saxony-Anhalt and beyond. Müller is the founder of Kontrakultur Halle, a chapter of the German Identitarian Movement in the… more
The German Jonathan Stumpf (*1988) is a politician of the neo-Nazi NPD party, and author of various white supremacist books and articles. Born in 1988, Stumpf has "developed" from a crude neo-Nazi active in the comradeship scene ("Heidnischer Sturm… more
Hendrik Möbus (born January 20, 1976, in Sondershausen) is a German neo-Nazi, musician and convicted murderer, and known as the founder of the now defunct German Heathen Front. Möbus has been described as a “authoritative protagonist” of the… more
Tino Brandt (born January 30, 1975 in Saalfeld) was an influential German neo-Nazi figure from the 1990s until the early 2010s, when his criminal past finally caught up with him. Large parts of his career he was affiliated with the neo-Nazi National… more